Knaresborough Connectors

HelpING others through the community

About Us

The Knaresborough Connectors scheme was successfully launched on Thursday 11th July 2019.
A range of people from community organisations including the St Roberts’ steering group took part in exploring the need for Connectors and contributed to how it could work in Knaresborough.

Get Involved

For more information on Knaresborough Connectors please contact Matt Read at or 07936 946438.


Laptops for Home Learning

If you have been referred to us by your primary school for a laptop, we’ll sort you with the loan of a new laptop, we’ll give you a call and arrange to drop it round to your house.

Please contact Matt Read: with:

Your name.
Your child’s name.
School name.
Your school code (obtained from your school).
Your address.
Your telephone number.

Matt will call you back and arrange to loan and deliver you a laptop.

Telephone Matt on 07593882340 leave a message and he’ll call you back to answer any questions.

New Connector and Place Development Manager

We welcome Matt Read who has joined us as Knaresborough Connectors Development Manager. Despite the South London accent, Matt is a proud Yorkshireman and has over 20 years’ experience of setting up and developing projects in the charity sector. We are extremely excited to have Matt onboard and look forward to working with him.

Knaresborough COVID-19 Community Engagement

Thank you to those who contributed to our Knaresborough Covid-19 Community Engagement Event on Thursday 7th May 2020.

Over 40 people took part in analysing the effects of the virus on 5 typical household types identifying benefits and risks.

A variety of ages and backgrounds was represented at the event. A way of engaging children and young people is currently being worked up.

Look out on our Facebook page for the next event where we will be developing the ideas from the first workshop.


Knaresborough Connectors are the Community Support Organisation authorised by North Yorkshire County Council to provide support for people in Knaresborough. 

If you are self-isolating and in need of:

Food and food shopping

A friendly phone call

Helping with pets and dog walking

Posting mail

Picking up urgent supplies like medicines

Sorting our supplies for hobbies, books, films, and music;

then please call our answerphone and leave you names, number, address, and request.

You can call us on 07593882340 and we will reply to you within 12 hours.

You can also email us on:

Over 40 Knaresborough Connectors are leafleting houses in their neighbourhoods to offer support to people who are self-isolating and who may do soon.

People who are self-isolating are being asked to provide tips on how they are coping to support others.

A list of people, over 70, who probably don’t have social media access is being distributed to Connectors who will post leaflets through their doors.
If you would like to volunteer please complete this 

Please download the leaflet to use:
Neighbours Leaflet

People who are self-isolating are already benefitting, here are a few comments:
“Hi James, just to say thanks for the thoughtful note posted through the door with your kind offer of help.  My husband and myself ARE self-isolating and are OK for now.  It’s really reassuring to know that you are both willing to help if needed.  Once again, thanks, best wishes!”

“Thank you very much for your offer of help during our self-isolation.  We are fine at the moment but reassured to know we can call you if needed.”

more about Knaresborough Connectors

We are a community social prescribing group that connects individuals and families to groups in Knaresborough and connects community groups to each other. During Covid-19 we are North Yorkshire County Council’s approved Community Support Organisation for Knaresborough.

We are a faith-based initiative that blends Asset-based Community Development with Relational and Place-based thinking.

Find out about our roots here.

What is the Knaresborough Connectors Scheme

Knaresborough Connectors connect people to over 135 different community groups.

Could you be a Connector?

If you would like to become a connector please email Matt at

It takes just 30 minutes to train you and connecting just one person can change their lives.

Here’s how it works.

A Knaresborough Connector sees someone who might benefit from joining a community group like a playgroup, choir, fishing group or support group. They get to know that person and contact a Community Co-ordinator who then gets in touch with the person and introduces them to a community group.

Usually, the best way this works is if the community group plays to someone’s strengths and talents.

We have a list of community groups that we keep updated. All you have to do is make the initial connection with someone who you think will benefit and let us know, we’ll do the rest.

Here’s some examples of Knaresborough Connectors:

James runs his own business and is a retained Firefighter with a young family. He enjoys keeping fit, socialising, is on the PTA and attends a few community groups and events in the town. He came across a dad at school who was struggling with his mental health and feeling isolated. As a Knaresborough Connector James was able to direct him to “Who Let the Dad’s Out” a fabulous playgroup for dads and their kids run at Gracious Street Methodist Church. This dad was then able to make friends and just 6 weeks later was feeling more connected, less isolated and had started to build a network of friends to help him.

Barbara was struggling with the loss of her husband who she’d been married to for forty years. Being on her own wasn’t good for her. Thankfully her neighbour, John, put her in touch with Knaresborough Connectors and they went to see her. Not long afterwards she was singing in a community choir, something she used to do when she was much younger. She’s now feeling much better and is developing her own set of friends who she goes for coffee with during the week.

If you think you can be a Connector, get in touch with Matt at  and leave your number, he’ll give you a call.

How the Knaresborough scheme operates.

Community Asset Mapping

Over 135 community groups and organisations have been mapped across the town.  These groups are being contacted and put on an internal register and with permission their details are going on the North Yorkshire Connect web system that social prescribers will use and on Harrogate’s Community Volunteer site.

Cohorts of Interest

Setting up Cohorts of Interest is important to complete the asset mapping, identify gaps in community assets and set up and find the Connectors. The Children and Young People’s Cohort of Interest has been set up and this small group has completed Community Asset Mapping for Children and Young People’s groups. They identified a gap for teenage provision especially in outlying villages where transport issues are prevalent. The people in this Cohort will be Connectors and will identify other Connectors. As this Cohort of Interest work together a Co-ordinator will be identified. A Co-ordinator is someone who a Connector refers to once a need has been identified, the Co-ordinator identifies a group and approach that the person in need could approach.

Co-ordinators and Connectors and Social Prescribers
Connectors have been identified for the Children’s and Young People cohort. This group will continue to work together and select a Co-ordinator. A Co-ordinator is someone the Connectors refer a person to, for help, or to find out information from about community groups. A Social Prescriber is similar to the role of Health Connector that Frome developed. Currently the Social Prescribers in Knaresborough are based part time in GP surgeries and are deployed through the County Council’s Living Well Service. Links have been made to these people in Knaresborough’s management teams and more will be done with Social Prescribers once the Connectors are trained and developed.