About Connectors

We’re a Community Benefit Society (Registration Number: 8747) in Knaresborough made up of residents. We were founded in 2019.

We connect fellow residents to clubs, groups, societies, and networks. We help these groups thrive.
We believe every person in our town is talented and gifted and can use these gifts to make Knaresborough a better place for everyone.

During the Covid-19 lockdowns we set up a network of residents who helped their neighbours with essentials.

We listen to residents who want to change things and make lives better and help them run projects.

Check out our values.

A Community Benefit Society is a not-for-profit membership organisation where the members decide democratically how things are done. Our members are from all over Knaresborough; people who were helped and people who helped. Each member has one vote.

How We Work.

We currently employ a Connector and Place Development Manager funded by North Yorkshire County Council and local businesses.

We have 6 Directors who form our Board. They ensure we run smoothly and compliantly for the benefit of residents.

We have a residents’ steering group who do lots of stuff, tell us about it and help us prioritise what we do. They’re involved in lots of community groups themselves.

We follow the principles of Asset-Based Community Development. In doing so we work alongside residents and see people as “Needed not Needy”.

Have a look at what we’re working on, our goals and passions.

How we’re funded
We receive a grant from North Yorkshire County Council’s Stronger Communities team (which comes from the Public Health grant). We’re hosted by The Whole Systems Partnership a small business based in Knaresborough.