Community Development

We work alongside community groups to help them thrive. We use our data and insight into people’s lives to inspire community groups.

We’ve mapped over 200 community groups in Knaresborough and help people join them, we understand what their challenges are.

We help residents set up new groups and we work with community groups on common aims.

We work with children and young people every fortnight with Inspire Youth.


Stuff to do for 12-16’s
When we looked at our community group mapping and found there wasn’t much for teenagers we talked to teenagers every fortnight at Youth Group sessions hosted by Inspire Youth. We also listened to local councillors who told us about anti-social behaviour in a few neighbourhoods. We will be convening a Youth Summit for young people’s groups & businesses with young people themselves joining in to work out what more Knaresborough can do for 12-16 year olds. 

Food Poverty and Insecurity
We’ve used insight into families who are struggling with paying for food and fuel to help develop a community food store in Gracious Street Methodist Church.

Community Festival
We organised an open day for residents to sign up to community groups and for community group leaders to network and share learning. The Community Festival [Link to the Community Festival page] was a success.

Current Initiatives

We work on a range of initiatives led by residents, groups, businesses and the town council. At the heart of these are strengthening relationships and connections in Knaresborough and improving life for residents.

Knaresborough Data

How many families are eligible for free school meals in Knaresborough?
How many households are at risk of food and fuel poverty?
How many homes are unfit to live in or cause illness due to damp and cold?

Knaresborough data is a project which tries to answer key questions like these. Data that should be publicly available to Knaresborough people and is held by public sector organisations and not shared. It’s very hard to make decisions and help people with an absence of data. This project tries to derive insight from data and safely share it with groups and the town council so we as a town can solve wicked problems together.